Step 1: Choose Your Template Style

There are 3 different template styles. They are all clean and attractive, and all of them have the capability to display a YouTube video (or any other streaming video). And if you do not have any videos don't sweat, if you leave that box blank, the space in your Capture Page will just shrink up, so it will always look good, with or without a video.

Click the template of your choice above to get started. You'll be able to customize colors and add your own text, and then use the finished web page!


As an full time internet marketer I often get asked questions like, “Nick, I am not very technical, so how do I create effective Capture Pages easily?” - and there was no good answer that I could tell my subscribers.

I researched for months, and I never found a simple and free Capture Page Generator that I would be happy to recommend. They were either complicated, or expensive, or ugly, or worst of all they contacted links to your competition. So I made one for you!

Feel free to make the most of this great little tool to build YOUR business. Unlike other “similar” Capture Pages Generators, the leads created are YOUR LEADS (they go straight into YOUR auto-responder).

You can create as many capture pages as you like for your various Internet Campaigns. And you can modify or updates them anytime as you get free access to a Members Area. You can also include YouTube videos, a photo of yourself, your hand written signature, and more. Also to make your life easy there is a little "?" symbol at each step - for assistance just click it. And I’ve even made it so simple that my Grandmother could create a capture page (to sell her hand knit sweaters) in a few minutes!

I hope your Capture Pages bring you much success.